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Commercial Portfolio


Enjoy the images and videos

The Bridal Boutique

We are thrilled to present one of our treasured projects which required the coming together of all of our skilled artisans & craftsmen. The result was a level of design that was second-to-none.
The task at hand was to make this two-story bridal shop the go-to, cutting-edge bridal boutique for all area brides-to-be.  
Its refined design & stylish enhancements required research & understanding of bridal fashion influences 
both nearby and as far away as Europe. 
Included are a sophisticated reception area with unique adornments & graceful beaded draperies, rhinestones interspersed at just the right places, state-of-the-art lighting, and much more. Tasteful decorative paint finishes on the two floors were the proverbial “icing on the cake.” Some were entire wall finishes, while others were placed modishly in picture frames to bring further sophistication to this elegant boutique.  Take a peek for yourself!
A heartfelt thank you to all of the team who made this design possible! 

The Nursery Gift Shop


This local nursery not only offers the most beautiful plants & flowers, but has its own gift shop with a large variety of novelties - outdoor ornamental accents, urns & fountains, home décor, and specialty gifts for all ages.

The design concept was to make a few collectable antique trunks the nucleus of the shopping area. Layer by layer we built a creative and eye-catching, customer-friendly shopping area. The space needed carts to flow through three different access points, which allowed the customer a magical walk-through into various shopping vignettes. The result was both beautiful AND functional!

What an incredibly fun project, one that brings joy to my heart each time I visit!

As their design needs change and grow, the owners know that DCI is always here to support them.

Doreen Condry Interiors would gladly influence a new look and feel for your retail space!


 The Wine, Cheese & Pastry Shop

This project was an incredible adventure - fabricated by a talented team of artisans in every trade.   

4 Maple was a creation and experience like no other adding charm to the surrounding communities.   

This tuscan style wine, cheese, and pastry shop had varieties of imported wine and beer, flavorful cheeses, tasty crackers,  homemade pastries, tarts, and candy representing many ethnicities. 

Like a walk through Italy, the sweeping arches, porcelain tile, and custom wood features brought a spring to your step and a great start to any evening or weekend experience.   


A heartfelt thank you to Carl, Gail & the team of craftsmen who together made this creation! 


Call us to design your retail location!  

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